Fake Doctors Notes

1011910_497926506943995_1783466392_nThere may be times when you find that you need to take a break from the office for a couple of days to deal with the stresses of meeting deadlines or to simply recover from the burden of work pressures. These are times when you know you cannot be sanctioned leave requests by your employers. There may also be times when you may have to take a leave to attend to some personal obligations and you are quite sure that your employer will not agree to it. Finally, there may be home emergencies that you have to handle like looking after an ailing child or taking a senior to the hospital. These are times when you cannot reach out for real doctors note; you are forced to make do with fake doctor notes.

Where to find fake doctors notes:

These fake doctors note templates are at present easily available online. You should however choose a genuine and reliable site offering authentic looking fake templates. You can download these quickly and edit them suitably to accommodate your interests. The templates must contain verifiable information like your name and address, name, address and phone number of the doctor, the contact details of the clinic, the diagnosis made and the treatment recommended, and finally the period of rest prescribed by the doctor.

How to choose websites for fake note templates:

When choosing fake doctors note templates, you must be careful to choose only those sites that have been highly rated by user and which have positive client feedbacks. The reputed sites will usually offer you samples of the templates when you ask for them. Their notes will look genuine, bearing real looking company logos and watermarks and with a real looking signature at the bottom. The doctor’s signature should ideally be made by someone with a sloppy handwriting. Modern handwriting methods can easily track it back to you; so it is advisable not to sign the document by yourself.

When you have downloaded the template, you must check for spelling or grammatical errors. When templates are downloaded from reliable websites, these problems are not likely to surface. It is also recommended that you choose a site which charges a nominal amount for the template. Sites that offer free templates are best avoided because these are likely to be full of mistakes and discrepancies that can arouse the suspicion of the authorities. If you are caught, you can be severely reprimanded and suspended from work temporarily.

A point to remember is that one should use a fake doctors note only when he finds that the situation is unavoidable and he must take a break to either handle an emergency or recover from fatigues and stress brought on by pressures at the workplace. Fake doctor notes are often used also by students who wish to take a short break from the hectic college schedules. It could be to travel to another place for a couple of days or to attend a best friend’s wedding in some faraway resort. Whatever the reason, fake notes should be used sparingly and with discretion.